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Once upon a time in California....

two friends, Katie and Dolores, shared a common passion for both golf and cocktailing. Spending countless hours on the golf course waiting for their husbands to finish golfing, they often found themselves struggling to find a convenient and delicious cocktail that was light, refreshing and appropriate for early morning drinking. They would often bring their own flasks and mixers to create the perfect cocktail on the course which was clunky, inconvenient and sometimes really embarrassing. Determined to solve this problem, they embarked on an extraordinary journey that would change their lives forever.

Katie, a talented golfer with a background in sales, marketing and journalistm, had always dreamt of creating a product that combined her love for the sport with her expertise in brand management. Meanwhile, Dolores, an entrepreneurial spirit with a knack for innovation and sustainability, was eager to turn their shared dream into a reality. Together, they harnessed their unique skills and set out on a mission to revolutionize the craft cocktail and shooter experience on the golf course.

Katie and Dolores carefully sourced high-quality ingredients, ensuring that each shot was crafted with the same love and attention they had put into the drinks they initially made. After months of experimenting with various ingredients and formulations, they finally perfected an amazing blend of premium spirits and natural flavors.

But their journey didn't end there. Katie and Dolores were determined to make their product stand out, not just for its taste, but also for its convenience. They tirelessly researched packaging options and finally settled on a sleek, golf ball shaped bottle that could fit seamlessly into a golfer's pocket or golf bag. This not only made it easy for golfers to carry and consume the cocktail on the course but also ensured that the product stayed fresh and delicious.

TeeShots are now a staple on the golf course, with players raving about their delicious flavors! Today, Katie and Dolores’ ready-to-drink shots have become an essential part of every golfer's game. Together, they proved that with determination, innovation, and a little bit of friendship, dreams can truly become a reality.

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